5th and 6th passes @ SD Sunday, October 15, 2010

Thanks to Madman Productions for this video.

As we'd had a few washouts to test the Black Widow Racing Nitro Front Engined Dragster prior
to this day, we decided that maybe a half or a three quarter pass would suffice and Mark Mariani
(driver) would feel how the car was and make that decision. He backed off at 4.1 seconds into
the run and had a 177mph/285kph half track speed.

We serviced the car and came back a little later and although the car was super lazy off the line,
Mark took it all the way through for a 6.71 at 211mph/340kph. A tear down revealed no problems,
but the clutch discs were past their 'use by date', so that was it for the day.

Beware the timing boards as they show both MPH and kph!!