3rd and 4th passes @ SD Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks to Madman Productions for this video.

This was our first every full pass under power in the car, and she returned a 7.1 time at only
155mph/250kph, it went 160mph/257kph to half track. We had lost a bit of fuel pressure during
the run, so it definitely was not really representative of what the car should have done. We came
back again for another lap in the afternoon and the car made a large move to the middle of the
track just off the start so Mark just shut her down.

Beware the timing boards as they show both MPH and kph!!

2nd pass @ SD, Saturday April 10, 2010

Our second pass had the tune up a little off, hence a bit of fire out of the pipes, with Mark taking
the car out to about mid track where a faulty switch shut the car off at mid track.

Our first 60ft pass @ SD, Saturday April 10, 2010

This is the very first time that the Black Widow sent to the start line here in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
The pass was a 150 feet to make sure all the rest was fine.