Trials and tribulations - Sydney Track Champs Rnd 2

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Written by Grant Stephens
Friday, 29 October 2010 10:43

The new Track Championship Series (TCS) at Sydney Dragway is facing some challenges despite the success of round one. Competitor numbers were significantly down, notably from the Supercharged Outlaws teams over the reduction of prize money being the primary reason for their stance to stay home.

Prize money has not been the only reason, the move to extend the meeting to two days according to some racers has been difficult to adapt to with the close proximity of rounds. Racers finding it hard to make the extra time available to compete which caused the round to suffered when a number of competitors did not return for Sunday's eliminations. The addition of the new ANDRA teching system caught out 10 racers who had to pack up all resulting in extended downtime during the final day to allow for racers to turn vehicles around, these are gaps that need to be plugged in future events to produce a attractive promotional product.

The positive side is that the two day meetings relax the schedule significantly and allow racers more track time with some brackets receiving 5 qualifiers, Track Manager Ray Treasure is actively working through these and other issues with racers to build the Sydney Track Championship to a level equaling the other major tracks.

The weather laid down the final challenge to this round, Saturday featured howling Westerly winds reaching gale force numbers at times and freezing temperatures, while Sunday became very hot providing a challenge to racers to dial in to the conditions.

All in all, the meeting ran very smoothly, constantly well ahead of schedule the building process for the TCS though will be an arduous one in a state that should feature the premier Track Championship Series.

Nitro Nostalgia Exhibition

With Sydney Dragway trying to build features into the Track Championship Series (TCS), this round featured three nitro burning nostalgia cars making some testing laps albeit only on the Saturday to headline the event.


Taking a slightly different approach to nitro nostalgia racing, Dave Armstrong in his 392ci Donovan powered FED which was proving to be a real handful, the shorter wheel base made for some seriously crossed up passes. Particularly his last 7.18 @ 191 pass with the FED creating some very acute angles when the chutes hit, just the way the purists like it!