L.A.Raider at the WinterNationals at Willowbank

We took the Raider to Willowbank as we hadn't been there before and thought that we would enter the Supercharged Outlaw bracket. A fair few people scoffed at the thought of a F.E.D. running in this bracket... E.T. racing with blowers. We qualified about #7, knocked out the No 1 qualifier in the first round, had a bye in the second and lost by about 4 inches in the Semis to the original winner.

The only thing people didn't remember when they scoffed at the 'old girl', was Fab's driving prowess. He kept us in the race that weekend. We had wheelstand problems (bent front axle AGAIN) clutch was all over the place and the air was hot, hot then cold, cold...made it a bit hard for Fab and Toppy to keep her consistent. Great weekend.

The odd picture here is when we won a 2 out of 3 match race at Heathcote against Roly Leahy from Qld. Happy campers the lot of us. That is our good buddy Gary Laird presenting Fab the 'gong' and another good mate Ian Cameron in white baseball hat.

In our team, from left of picture Myself, Wayne Topp, Scotty Robert, son Chad, Mary and Fabulous.

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