A/MP Torana

The pictures with the Church in the background were taken by Jon Van Daal at the Kings School at North Parramatta. This was our A/MP Torana that with the help of Darron Blake and Steve Hambridge, we built from a body shell we bought from Suttons Holden brand new. We were just new and didn't know much, car looked cool, but a lot of work was done not knowing what the hell we should have done, but it is all a learning curve.

Also pictured was our shop truck and tow car. Pretty original at the time, not many people had their shop trucks signwritten, but it indeed paid off for advertising around Parramatta.

Couple of pictures of the bare rolling chassis ready to head to the paint shop. A lot of body work was done on this car, and we were trying to replicate what a U.S. Pro Stock car looked like at the time.

Other public display pictures were at a display for Aunger Wheels at a Hospital in the Penrith Area.

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