McGee JD in the USA

We were lucky enough on one of our trips to hook up with an old mate in Chris McGee and have Aaron drive their house car at Los Angeles County Raceway (now gone), Rialto Raceway (twice) and Phoenix Raceway.

This was a new style chassis they were experimenting with, so Chris borrowed a motor from Lester Phillips which was a super backup engine for his son, and went to the semi's at 3 of the events. At the first race at LACR, Aaron knocked out the defending champ first round, which didn't go down to well. This lady, Leah Pruett has now gone on to race Nitro Funny cars, but on the day, the Aussies weren't really liked... tch tch. She is in the red car directly behind Aaron in the staging lane picture.

If you look intently at a picture with a heap of 'stuff' piled on the JD's floor, you will see a great 'amount' of weight. When we left Chris's shop, he said that he had played with the clutch a fair bit and we wouldn't need the weight... so I didn't put the weight in! Well, it certainly slowed the car down as it went a ½ second faster than normal, so there we were borrowing anything of weight from anybody to try and slow the car down. We taped weight in to the floor, the chassis, and even had Aaron carry weight in his pockets of his driving suit. Done good, the car came back from a first round win with an 8.53 on an 8.50 limit. Went to the semis again, but gees, the kids that race these cars are spot on all the time, they run nearly every weekend, but we at least went rounds which was pleasing.

Chris McGee, a gentleman and a true racer.