Parts for sale – Workshop, shop pieces

Parts for sale – Workshop, shop pieces.

15 upper standard bearing shells –King brand $50 set

16 lower standard bearing shells – King brand $50 set  Both sets, $90 including mail.


*6 upper -010 bearing shells – Clevite

*6 lower -010 bearing shells – Clevite

*4 upper -010 bearing shells – Clevite

*4 lower -010 bearing shells – Clevite

*1 thrust set – Clevite * All listed above $125   


7mm thick alloy blower pulley spacer $20


Chrome on head valve spring removal tool, used in fair cond. $150   $100.....


Magnesium fuel block, 2 x -10, 1 x -10 and 16 x -4 holes. Used. $20


Standard crankshaft bottom gear. $30


Full set ½" head studs for KB. $150 (bought by Asshole Hannell).


Thrust bearing carrier and bearing/spring suit 1 ¾" (for standard) candle. $50


4 engine mount to chassis cradle tabs, Used. $40


Steering arms, 2 for tie rod, 1 x steering, NEW. $50


Box of 4.187 rings, heaps from new Stainless Steel to new moly, and preloved units oil rings. Heaps $50  FREE Mail....heaps of rings!


14mm GT x 37 teeth pulley, black used. $90

14mm GT x 38 teeth pulley, black used. $90

14mm GT x 27 teeth pulley, gold used.  $75

Bottom pulley still on engine to suit above 27 to make 19% OD.

14mm GT x 28 teeth pulley, 20mm offset on rear, black, used once. $100    FREE Mail on the pulleys.


Ring gap checker, made from pre-loved piston and sleeve (both cut down, professionally made) $50


Crower adjusters, ¾ x ½" x 2.4" long with hex half way up. 8 off, NEW $200


Bottle hone, suit either side of 4.187, used slightly. ...SOLD...


Ring compressors, 4.187. 2 off, both used, but great condition $50 each  {Both SOLD}


Rubber injection lines, assorted sizes, 18 in total, Used $100


Systems One oil/fuel filter, 6 inch body, anodised gun metal, $100


Comp Cams gear puller kit, in plastic carry box. $200


Fuel parts, in box, ask for photo, plenty of parts, photos ready to send! {SOLD}


Bottom end/diver tool tray in alloy, angled to reach easily, used. $50  {SOLD}


Head studs, 9/16 4 x 12 3/8" used $8 each

9/16 8 x 10 7/8" used $10 each

Full set of ½" head studs, used $150  (sold)


Billet mag drive comp. w/tach drive, anodised. $195   ...SOLD...


4 pin Dunn drive, FIE drive block, spare plastic drives plus other odds, 2 rotors, 2 cap bases and top, all

good for spares, some new $150.


Cirello SM5 fresh generator, not used, returns 4.7amp (12amp with big black coil) $600   (sold)


Clutch weight digital scales in protective box. $30  ...SOLD...


MSD Timing light, perfect cond. $200


Pro Jax to suit dragster/altered/FC, powder coated silver, complete w/lines and pump $3000   IMMACULATE set, suit Dragster, Altered or Funny Car with adjustable cups for front (or order a brand new set to suit your car and your colour for $3500....complete).  {Set with F.E.D. SOLD, new set still available}


Clutch chipper, older model w/240 volt transformer, 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ x 10 spline $900. Works absolutely perfectly.  $750.....(sold)


Copper head gaskets, all suit 4.187, 5 pair, $200 the lot.

Used= .076, .080, .062. New= .065, .040.


Hemi Titanium oil pan, very slight bend in rail, otherwise great cond $200


DJ Purple Tow Strap, good cond.


Spark plug indexing tool, NEW, never scribed. $40


Spring loaded injection nozzles, set of 8, used $100


Spare valves, 2 sets of springs, exhaust studs, inlet manifold studs, extra bolt hole studs, retainers, down nozzle plugs, down nozzle inserts, spark plug plugs, Stewart locks,...everything except the chunk of aluminium head. (Some extras as I find them) $1500.


Stewart locks, heaps of 11/32 and 3/8, think enough to do 2 sets of heads, used $100 x 8 valves.


8 to 12 4.187 sleeves, suit reboring. $30 each.


RCD  1 3/4 inch candle stick, bearing carrier, springs and custom HEAVY DUTY fork, NEW   $350


48 volt spare starter solenoid, checked and ready to go $75  ...SOLD...


RCD Angled idler pulley setup with 90mm wide smooth idler pulley and spacers, anodised, great condition  $500  {SOLD}


KB Oil Pump solid link line (horse shoe shape, to bypass an external oil filter) with a -6 and a -3 bung added   $75


Lifter sleeves to reduce 1 1/16 back to 1 inch.  Made in N.Z., brass, 35 in total.  $5 each


30mm blower spacer pulley, professionally made, lightened and exact locaters.   $35



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