L.A.Raider odd shots

From the first picture.

Original tow car and trailer for the Raider. We built this trailer in the side block of land ourselves, and it was made just for carting the dragster around. Would have thought that we were pigmies, cause you couldn't stand up straight in the trailer....but it only took 1 ½ sheets of metal down each side!

Another picture is the car at the Melbourne Hot Rod Show where it was placed, from memory, 3rd in competition. Wrong rules them shows, race cars up against garage race cars... The Victorian Nostalgia club got good mileage from having the car on display.

Several shots were taken at Eastern Creek Raceway (up around the back of the circuit) by John Baremans. One of these shots wound up on a racer card produced by Lucas Oils in a post card size. The young guy in the car is Wendy's son Brendan, as he was the only guy in the team that could fit in the silver fire suit.... man they were skinny back in those days.

Doing laps at the Street Rod National at Windsor in Sydney. I had watched all the blown hot rods cruise the closed road for 2 days, so Fab and I snuck the car around the back of the complex (from a static display), fired it up and proceeded to 'cruise the complex'. Man, were there some cameras flashing that time. Young Aaron is seen about to back the car into its 'static display', Fab and the 'Team' close behind in the Rodeo.

Owen Webb, renowned hot rod and street machine painter, applied the paint and flames to the original Raider. Applied out of the gun, no blocking back... a superb job.

The picture with the blue van is in San Francisco when we bought the Raider as a bare shell from Bill Wishart. Bill is ¾ blind and was still driving jet cars when we were there. We had to drag the car out of the roof of this building, and even though it was all still new.... well anyway. Longy is seen at the front of the van and Graham Millet (Bounty Hunter) at the rear tying the chassis to the 'board racks of the rent-a-van for the trip back to L.A.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the L.A.Raider, we cut our teeth from ex-sedan novices, and when the time came to sell the old girl.... she was a good reliable race car. Hope she resurfaces soon under her new owner here in Sydney.