L.A.Raider at the Eastern Creek

This is a collection of photos is from when we ran the car at several events at the Creek.

Couple of pics racing our good buddy from Melbourne, Gary Laird (pinky coloured altered). Ran him twice and smacked his ass twice (I think...).

Several pics of me, the old guy getting into the car for a skid at the 1998 Street Rod Nationals Drag Day at the creek. Fab had the two way radio this time, and it was all we could do to stop laughing at each other, as it was an about face for both of us switching positions. Thoroughly enjoyed it though. That's little Aaron (now 22) in a few pictures, and in another picture is son Chad with now father in-law Fred Dudek.

From pic 012 its back to normal, me on the outside and Fab back in the office.

Pic 015 and 016 are at a Nostalgia gig at the Creek, with pic 016 being from left, Toppy, Chad and myself. Just to my right is Greg Sita from Speedweek, who videotaped all the Nostalgia Races, and over my left shoulder (in hat) is Rob O'Berg, renowned commentator.

Pic 017 and 018 are the very first day we rolled the L.A.Raider out into the spotlight. Pictured on this momentous occasion from the left are Tony Heasley, Fab, Toppy, Scott Robert, Wendy and myself. Man, everybody had hair here....

CJ and Nitro startup. 054