Tearing the L.A.Raider down to sell

All these pictures were taken the day we pulled the motor and trans from the chassis to sell it all. Fab had a lot of the parts placed already, and we then advertised the rolling chassis and trailer for sale, which was bought by Russell here in Sydney. You can see by these shots that we had indeed done the colour change to orange/orange, and while we weren't a fan of it, decided to take the body to our buddy in Melbourne, Gary Laird. Gary put the body back to the original purple and then we again had Grant from Angel Signs re-letter the old girl. There was a lot of work in making the nose piece that Gary straightened and painted and it sort of updated the appearance of the car.

We had only done 41 laps in this car from brand new when we sold it. That was over 3 ½ years, so it really didn't have a lot of work. Sure the front axle had been bent a few times from Fab's 'clutch adjustments' and the chassis had bottomed out down the braking area here and there (bumpy braking areas) but all told, she was pretty good to go again.