225 inch Stirling Front Engined Dragster

225 inch Stirling Front Engined Dragster

Built by Robert Stirling (Stirling Race Cars) in San Francisco for Jim Murphy.

(This car is a beautiful piece of Stirling craftsmanship, made by the master of FED chassis guys. There are other 'Rollers' around for sale, but this is the only COMPLETE roller...fire bottles and lines, dry sump tank and lines, parachutes, cables etc etc etc.).

Current NHRA/SFI specs for Nitro racing.

Full U.S. Built Chrome Moly car.

17 inch Mickey Thompson front rims, anodised gun metal grey.

Hoosier front tyres.

Weight bar plate fixed to chassis at front (supplied with weights as well).

Chassis stepped where necessary as per regs., beautifully done.

14 gallon fuel tank that works a treat, alloy, with periscope breather.

2 piece chromed dropped axle, with spare axle pair, chrome moly x 2 pieces.

Date logger box, Dzus fastened.

Dry sump tank, filter and lines with heater inserted.

Main fuel line to pump with rubber joiners and clamps.

2 x 10lb current cert fire bottles and all plumbing (Deist Safety - Full units).

Trick U.S. made full aluminium body, professionally done.

Coil mount on chassis.

Alloy skid bars under sandwiched between 2 moly plates each side.

426 and 392 (2) engine plates.

Front engine plates and saddles suit 426.

Moly blow back bars with pit pins for clutch can.

Competition Engineering fabricated diff housing with breather (Moly).

Strange Alloy center with all the fruit.

4.1:1 Pro Gears (2 x 1/8th mile passes from new).

Full spool.

Strange 44 spline rifle drilled axles....bulletproof/beautiful.

Wilwood twin spot calipers.

Carbon fibre brakes.

Custom quick connect/disconnect drive shaft cover (slide over unit) with clamps.

Remote brake reservoir, lowered mounted slave cylinder and all lines.

Stirling made brake handle and bellcrank to brake cylinder.

SPE Steering box mounted on custom cross member with quick release pins.

All extra handles (chute, pump on/off, fuel hi-lo, etc etc) included and mounted.

Butterfly wood grained steering wheel (woodgrain also on brake handle).

Custom U.S. made alloy seat plus booster seat for shorter pilots (Dzus's into place).

DJ black current cert safety belts ( 2 x 1/8 laps).

Rear mounted silver fire chute packs (perfect cond.) with cables attached.

Simpson black 240mph parachutes as required (2 off, great condition).

Chute bag to carry chutes when unpacked from braking area.

Butler SFI cert head pads, Duzs fastened.

Helmet foam on roll bar as required.

Camera mount on roll cage for 2 units (removable if required).


Pro Jax mounts (have Pro Jax to suit car for sale also).

Clutch pedal and adjustable arm, plus adjustable clutch stop.

Accelerator pedal and cable.

Clutch dust extraction pipe(carbon fibre) w/quick disconnect from clutch can/pit pinned into place.

Rear double (SFI) chute mounts.

Fire bottle button and cable.

Real 16 inch beadlocks, polished (never been bent).

M&H 12 x 16 slicks, about 50%.

Dual element quick removal rear canards, all pit pinned and no damage from rocks etc.

Single element split front wing, adjustable angle, pit pinned into place.

2 spare new windscreens.

Full bellypan (dzus fastened) under engine as per specs, powdercoated.

Full Bore (hex key dzus) throughout whole car (If I refer to Dzus, they are actually Full Bore-Hex key units)..

Custom made dolly for front to manouvre car easily in pit area.

Rear over centre manual stand to get rear wheels off ground for work or starting.

Whole car put together with 12 point nuts and bolts.

With a U.S. built car, this car moves out and does not squat.

Lots and lots more in this car, never bent, never dinged, and goes damn straight.


Car is SOLD. 


Check out the spare parts for sale.