BAE Hemi engine complete and/or pieces for sale

BAE Hemi engine pieces for sale.

Magnesium Bird w/K Valve modified by Crawford Fuel Systems.

- Air idle adjuster on butterfly.

- Inline fuel adjuster.

- Remote Barrel valve (to clear starter when attached).

All braided lines from pump onwards.

Single line to dual distribution block with Y piece.

Air deflector in hat.

8 Nozzles in hat, 16 in manifold (nozzles supplied)

All fuel delivery lines from distribution block to nozzles.

All poppet's and necessary spares (springs and shims etc.).

Box of Crawford flowed drop in jets (205 jets, 24 fixed hat nozzles, about 10 poppet washers).

$2300    $2000 the lot....(there is $980 alone in Crawford jets).


AJPE Stage 3 fuel heads, dual plug (blocked off).

173cc chambers, had some repairs like all fuel heads (done by Duncan-Foster).

No leaks, all seats are good.

Full heads with Ti retainers, Erson springs, Stewart locks.

Blocked off down nozzles.

Custom tab at valve cover gasket line (when down nozzle entry lines removed).




BAE Billet block.

Fresh 4.187 sleeves (2 x 1/8th passes ago).

Gear drive suit raised cam.

Fuel pump extension.

Standard deck height.

Suit 1 1/16" lifters.

Standard crank size mains.

-020 crank gear (supplied).

Fresh line hone (2 x 1/8th passes ago).

Few windows, repaired by BAE.

With head studs and oil pan studs.

New cam bearings (2 x 1/8th passes ago).



BAE Billet block.

Needs #4 cap and saddle and a line hone.

Very small bump outside of block (just broke the surface).

Good cam bearings.

Half head stud set included.

Easy repair, great for Outlaws or brackets.

$2500    $2500 with sleeves...

(Note; This will also need 2 saddles. My mistake not mentioning it).


Cirello Super Mag 5 and mag drive.

Fresh with good points and rotor.

Offset Enderle mag drive w/spare belt and pulleys.

Billet drive into block.

3 piece mag clamp.

Heavy duty hold down clamp.

Set of Eagle 8.8 leads with spares and coil lead.

Lead separators and fire proof sock (in front of blower manifold).

Cirello big black coil (with billet coil holder bracket, these are $700 usd alone).

(Magneto delivers 4.8amp, but with above coil, magnetos -my two- deliver 12amps.)

$1650     $1500 mailed to you direct.

(Also spare SM5, fresh from Cirello available).

BOTH sold.


Indy flat face alloy valve covers.

Powder coated (can be blasted back to raw alloy if needed),

With standard style spark plug tubes (no O rings).

Has handles and quick release breathers.



Moroso alloy dry sump.

Has a few stories to tell.

Complete with pickup Good straight rails.

$200    FREE with any block.....  {SOLD}


Erson roller cam.

Billet large fuel style, spec card available.

No damage on cam.

With 1 1/16 roller lifters.

$650    $600....this is WITH the lifters.  {SOLD}