Steve TurnerSteve Turner

D.O.B. 1953
Born: Sydney N.S.W.
Occupation: Blastologist
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Wendy and son Aaron, twin sons Chad and Scott from previous
Favourite Music: Doobie Brothers, Led Zeppelin and early 60-70's Rock 'n Roll
Favourite Food: Spag-Bol
Best racing moment: N.S.W State Tiles, Castlereagh 1979 and DOTD 2012
Toys in the garage: Just the 'Widow

The 'Black Widow' is the third dragster that Steve and Wendy have owned.

The first, the L.A. Raider was a U.S. built car with a KB Hemi on alcohol that Maurice Fabietti drove for several years in the Nostalgia Series in the Top Eliminator category. With the demise of the then Nostalgia movement in Australia, the car was sold off to another Sydney racer.

A new car was commissioned from Shearer Race Cars in Melbourne and several years were put into making this car, 'Purple Haze', a runner. There are several stories on this car on this website and in the archives section, so you can read of the highs and woes on this car.

Our current car, the 'Black Widow' is the culmination of several years of work, several hundreds of dollars and several setbacks. Compared to our previous 2 cars, this Robert Stirling car is the latest in U.S. technology and is a pleasure to work on and race. The car reacts the right way, steers beautifully and stops on a dime. Peter thinks that it's a Rolls Royce. What a great place to start sorting an engine combination from.

Our Race Leader Vinnie has done an awesome job along with the rest of the team, and we all look forward to a lot of happy 'passes' with the 'Widow.....

Both Wendy and I are super impressed with this car and the new team that has been assembled. We are avid racing enthusiasts and especially these long (225 inch) skinny things, and will continue to have one in the workshop as much as physically and financially possible, in no particular order.

There have been a few cars over the years that I have raced with partners Darryl Groth, Barry Andrews, Brother Dave and Neil McDonald. It was in a past era where there were no digital cameras or photos at every meeting or test session you attended.  We have tried to locate some of the earlier pictures of these cars and have located them in the Picture Gallery, so you may want to cast your mind back a bit as well.

Steve Turner


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