Tony 'Tommy' ThomasTony 'Tommy' Thomas

D.O.B. 1953
Born: Cabarita N.S.W.
Occupation: R&D Toolmaker
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Wife and Daughter
Favourite Music: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Steely Dan and any 60's Classic Rockers
Favourite Food: Lebanese (there's a story there-Ed)
Best racing moment: Driving to the first Street Rod Nats and debuting the '28 pick-up at the 1987 Hot Rod Show
Toys in the garage: Red '28 A pick up & Venetian Red '57 Vette, machine shop and wheel standing bar stool.

Tommy came on board the team in early 2004 after he had worked with Steve and Wendy at the tool store when the Purple Haze car arrived. That roller needed a lot of finishing and fabrication, and Tony is just the best at this type of task.

With the sale of the Purple Haze car to a racer in Melbourne May 2009, Tony and Steve headed to the States to complete the purchase of the Jim Murphy WW2 roller.  When that rolling car arrived, it was like 2 kids in a sex shop for the first time.  Both cars, the Haze and the Widow would not have been possible without the fabrication and machining talents of Tommy. It was not only these talents, but the enthusiasm that kept us all going to finish and sell the Haze, and to try and make the WW2 car have TT's magical touch.

This current Robert Stirling car is a work of art, and Tommy's talents have made the whole operation just that much better.

Apart from slaving many many hours on the lathe and mill for the 'Widow, Tommy has found the time to finish several award winning hot rods and a wheel standing bar stool...that's another story.  If ever you're around our pit area and see a beautiful red '28 A Model pickup or for that matter, a 1957 LHD Corvette red on red...well that's Tommy's current ride.  Nice cars.

With the new direction that the 'Widow has taken, Tommy can now enjoy the fruits of all the work he has put in over the time on both FED's. 

Tommy is a 'Founding Member' of the 'Bomb Squad' which are a bunch of lateral genius's who frequent the 'Widow Pit Area.

Steve Turner


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