Joe 'Joey' CamilleriJoe 'Joey' Camilleri

D.O.B. 1969
Born: Sydney N.S.W.
Occupation: Sheet Metal Fabricator
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Rita and 3 boys
Favourite Music: Mariah Carey and any female singer!
Favourite Food: Anything BBQ'd
Best racing moment: Day of the Drags 2012
Toys in the garage: HJ Big Block and an Off Road Buggy

Joe and Rita moved house opposite myself and Wendy what seems like an eternity ago. He possess a cool HJ Holden with a pretty tough Big Block Chev nestled in the engine bay, and while only being a casual spectator at big events at Sydney Dragway, was a performance car nut.

Fast forward to when the Widow arrived from the States in November 2009, and after Joey and I transported it from the wharves into our workshop, he could see what was involved in these cars.  Too late now though, the hook was imbedded deep....and was going to get deeper!

Joey is the teams Master Diver, and is the ONLY guy on the team who knows where EVERYTHING is located in the trailer. He also mixes the fuel, services the bottom end when we tear her down at the track and as a sheet metalee, makes anything the boys need for the car or the trailer.  Pretty remarkable when you think that before our April 2010 debut, Joey had never seen inside a Hemi or for that matter laid under one with oil and nitro dripping in his face and replacing all the rod and pistons.  It was the education that Vinnie gave him on what he needed done, topped off by Richard Botica on how to 'hang under there', that has made Joey our indispensable 'diver'.

He is possibly the most enthusiastic of the team and you can hear his laugh from one side to the other.  Guys like Joey make it a pleasure to play with these things.

Steve Turner


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