Peter 'P.B.' ByrnePeter 'Devil Ray' Byrne

D.O.B. 1960
Born: Sydney, N.S.W
Occupation: Sales person
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Louise and off-spring Emily
Favourite Music: Blues Guitar
Favourite Food: Italian
Best racing moment;

To many good moments to just choose one (from a distinguished career in Group Group #3 racing - Ed).

Toys in the garage: Ski boat that never gets used

Our 'Selectors' were aware of Peter and his attributes for a long time, and the only item that stopped us from talking to him about having a ride in our car, was Nitro experience. One night, Vinnie and I were again going over the possibilities about asking Peter, and we came to the decision that with his pedigree, he should be able to adapt to the situation.

So we rang Peter and he absolutely jumped at the chance.  He had spent time with Vinnie on Rod Bradshaw's car and also time in the U.S. on a big show fuel team, so at least he had a handle on the work and commitment needed to satisfy one of these cars.  We were at a time in our transition process within the team, that we decided to fast track Peter into the car, starting with the Day of the Drags in March (2012) just gone.  He excelled, even giving us feedback we did not expect for at least a few more passes.

It is a decision that Tommy, Joey, Wendy, Vinnie and I all had a hand in and one we can now sit back and state that we made a good decision.

It's funny actually, but at every race that the 'Widow was previously at, Peter always came by and said hullo.  We even have him in many photos that Wendy takes around the pit all day long, so you can see that he was aware of what we were doing.

Peter has yet to catch on to the somewhat weird sense of humor that our team possess, but we are working on that.  He so far has fitted into the working scene pre and post event. Peter now does the clutch completely and only, and it is nice to have a working driver who can feel what he is working on and relate back first hand.

About 20 years ago, Peter, Hugo (my brother) from RaceGlides in Melbourne and myself spent a really funny and memorable weekend in Perth at the Nationals, and it was quite a humorous weekend.  Little did we know that our paths would cross some 20 years later in this form of racing.

Anyway, Peter is a welcome addition to the team and we are sure the racing skills that he brings can only elevate our program and our team further up the scale of the dark science of Nitro racing.

Steve Turner


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