Norm 'Junior' StewartNorm 'Junior' Stewart

D.O.B. 1969
Born: Down Under
Occupation: Vehicle Fabrication
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Jodie
Favourite Music: Rock n Roll
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Best racing moment: California Hot Rod Reunion 2010, Startline seats to see "The Winged Express" passing  "Randy Bradford's Topolino" in the Burnout and they both run side by side 205mph & 198mph.... YouTube
Toys in the garage: '59 Chevy Panel Truck, '59 Buick, '59 Cadillac, 392 Hemi Topolino, WCC

'Junior' is the latest addition to the team.  A petrol head at birth, Junior helped his Dad Mark Stewart running an altered for what seemed like forever and adopted his Dad's love of the sport and the Golden Era of racing and music. Norms every day driver is his '59 Chevy Panel to which he puts many miles on in the course of his business.

Norm does everything with cars, from restorations to conversions to complete full on street radical plus he has a Harley which he dabbles with for the street and builds the occasional chopper for customer's.

He comes to the team with a wealth of experience but stepped back a bit with what has to happen to the Nitro Hemi in between rounds.....'way different' was his comment.

Norm has assumed left hand engine side (1-3-5-7) and replaces Vinnie who now oversees the whole maintenance deal on the car between rounds.  The important thing here is that by educating our new guys, Vinnie is building the 'stocks' of Nitro crew people not only for ourselves but for the movement as well.  This will pay huge dividends down the track somewhat.

It has taken about 5 months to 'lure' Junior onto the team, but we knew he was hooked at the Day of the Drags when he was there from dawn till dusk and was smiling all the time.  Maybe he gets the humor that emanates from our team?

Steve Turner