Garry 'T.C.' CoppingGarry 'T.C.' Copping

D.O.B. 1957
Born: Hornsby (sort of like Mars-Ed)
Occupation: Earthmover (really makes the ground move-Ed)
Spouse and free loaders (kids): 4 boys and 1 girl - divorced
Favourite Music: AC/DC and the like
Favourite Food: Seafood and Baked Dinners (and everything else by the look of him-Ed)
Best racing moment: Winning MX races and running an EH in H/MP at Castlereagh, + bit of Speedway
Toys in the garage: Building SBC EK Ute for Super Gas/Super Sedan with injected SBC, nearly have my 1428cc Kawasaki Drag Bike ready to run in Modified Bike.  Several other toys over the years.

Garry's first love was always straight line racing, but as a kid he raced a lot in motocross, then went the EH Holden at Castlereagh, jumped sideways to Speedway with a supercharged LJ 6 Cylinder Torana and won several events.

Garry then did what most of us end up doing for a decade or so and had to raise the kids, sort the home life out for the future and get the income secure.  Then he went through a divorce, had to re-establish the home front again then he could start to accumulate the dollars and the toys necessary to enjoy his motor racing again.

Garry bailed Wendy and I up at a Trade Show late last year (2011) and annoyed the hell out of us to come and help on the 'Widow.  We told him the only position that we had on the car was 'parts washer' as we wanted to move the old guy (Tommy) out of there as his age was getting in the way.  He said 'That will do I'll take it.....'.

Then in passing, he mentioned that his son wouldn't mind a look around the car as well, and could he bring him along......OK, let's try the '2 for 1 deal' and see what happens.

The '2 for 1 deal' spent the January (2012) Test 'n Tune event with us and looks like we won't be able to shake them easily......

Garry progressed after the one event to right hand engine side (2-4-6-8) and considers himself now an expert...after 2 events!  Seriously, he is now one of the assets of our team, as he brings many skills, talents and humour to the team.

We are quietly building our own 'Super Team' and we couldn't be happier.

Garry has solidified his relationship with Terri...who used to be a Terry before the operation.  Good luck Gazza.

Steve Turner


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