Brett 'Hey You' CoppingBrett ‘Hey You’ Copping

D.O.B. 1995
Born: Hornsby
Occupation: Motor Trimming apprentice
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Nothing YET Dad says!
Favourite Music: Anything that makes my head bang!
Favourite Food: All...
Best racing moment: Day of the Drags, March 2012 with the 'Widow Team.
Toys in the garage: 2 restored mini-bikes (1975 Honda XR75 and a 1972 Honda Z50) and currently building a Datsun 1200 ute with a ¾ chassis and a 13B Rotary (WHAT????? - Ed).

Young Brett tagged along to a work day with TC his Dad to ready the car for the January event.  Could hardly get a murmur out of him, so much so we had to see if he was still breathing sometimes....   After this event, and the work days he started to loosen up a tad, then at the Day of the Drags in March, Brett was voted 'Most Valuable Crew Guy' on the day and took home the 'hardware' that the team had won that day.   Was he will have to ask him that question.

We really think he came of age at the pre-race day in early March while getting ready for the DOTD.  His demeanour meant that everybody has warmed to him and consequently as his memory bank is like a sponge, EVERYBODY is happy to impart knowledge to help him grow.  That prep day, then the DOTD and then last prep day recently have seen him grow in leaps and bounds.  As a young guy who listens, everybody wants to help him grow not only as a racer but as a person and the respect he has from Vinnie, Peter and the whole team should ensure that as he moves up the food chain on our team, he will take on more arduous tasks, which he will relish.

Unfortunately, when he started he inherited his Dads job of parts washer....but hey, everybody has to start somewhere.

Steve Turner


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