Annie (Annie Baby) Della CioppaAnnie Della Cioppa

D.O.B. Younger than my husband (everybody is - Ed)
Born: Australia
Occupation: Looking after my husband and everyone else
Spouse and free loaders (kids): Husband and 3 kids 2 grand kids
Favourite Music: P!nk
Favourite Food: Italian
Best racing moment: Will be when we do a 5
Toys in the garage: Hubby (and his mower)

Annie and Vinnie were childhood sweethearts, so have virtually been together since time began.  Annie has raised 3 kids and now has a little time to spend on her social studies, one of which is the 'Widow.

We are going to dress Annie in overalls next event, as she can just about do anything on the car, so we are going to make her the diver.

Her humour is sometimes a much needed antidote when the 'Widow doesn't want to play fair, and through all of the chaos, you will hear Annie wetting herself laughing at something stupid that one of us has done.  Her laugh is infectious.

Between Annie and Wendy, the two gals whip the guys into shape...then feed them the good ole Italian cooking...which keeps em all coming back for more.

Between Annie and hubby Vinnie, a lot of they're waking and breathing time is devoted to the 'Widow and they are one valuable 'team' that we really appreciate being on board.

Steve Turner