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Over the last 6 months, the car has undergone a complete freshen up under the skin and outside of the skin. Mario has had the motor out twice to go through every nut and bolt and to keep check on just what is happening inside. Mario, Vinnie with Richard Botica talked about a new fuel delivery system that was designed and installed as well.

The clutch also came in for some serious massaging and components. We then spent a weekend on the body and cleaned up a lot of scratches and dings and changed a few signs around.

Graeme Cowin at Rocket Industries helped us out with some parts from the last engine problem, so we have added Rocket on the side in Gold as well. The car is virtually 180 degrees of where it was last year and the coming winter will see a few planned alterations made as well.

Steve Turner

DOTD-Minova-March2012 231