Nitro BBQ, Bobbin Head July, 2012

Well, we had our First Annual 'NITRO BBQ' for our team, sponsors family and friends at Bobbin Head in Sydney's North on a drizzly Sunday.  Every Sunday preceding our day was super, it just turned out that the day we picked was 'not so sunny'......


Anyway, you may have read some other stories on this site about how good it is to have the Italians and the Maltese on the team.....these people know how to cook!  As usual, all the gourmet food was placed onto a common table and it turned into an instant International shelf stuff.


Disclaimer; As this is a site that is mainly for the use of our team and associated people, and we love it if you are a visitor, but if you don't get the humour, then we cant help you.  This is a site about a group of people working together on a race car in a sport that they all love and enjoying each others company.


I have put captions on the pics, enjoy the scroll through as we ALL had a great day and will return again.



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