L.A.Raider at Canberra International Dragway

One of the many times we ventured to Canberra, was for a 4 way match race with the Australian Nostalgia Racers.

In photo 001, Fab started on a pretty good wheels up launch, which just got higher and higher. To his credit, he didn't back off ("It was Turner's car so I didn't worry!!!") but went about half way down the 1/8th on the back wheels. This footage was used for a very long time on Speedweek. It was good actually.

One thing about Fab, he ALWAYS does great burnouts. One main difference here is that he does them with NO throttle stop, they are just a seat of the pants full on throttle burnout. I suppose with the experience that he has over the years, it is possible.

The old L.A.Raider was a pretty indestructible old girl. Apart from continually dropping valves until we changed to another set of heads, Fab must have bounced her off the tarmac a dozen times, and all we had to do was put her onto a truck chassis jig and bend her back into shape. Solid old car.