1948 Anglia Panel Van A/Gas

First picture is the car at Castlereagh on a qualifying attempt. There were 2 versions of this car, this was the first. We took the car to John Bradley at Racefab and had the late Gordon Davison build a whole new chassis and front strut package. The car handled really well for such a short wheel base. After we sorted the wheel standing issues (Claus Malusczak found the problem) the car was really flying.

Dave Stevens was our engine partner and we had an injected Big Block Chev hooked to a Hays clutch and a 3 speed Lenco, the first of 2 in the country. Stevo had the steel block, steel headed Chev really delivering the power to which we were only second to Peter D'Alessandro's Pro Stock at the time. Flat 9's was the best we could muster from the old girl. I am proud to say that the body is back in the Blake Family where we are hoping for a re-birth someday.

This was a sensational little car to drive and was a pretty good crowd pleaser. It brought us further up the performance ladder and was super enjoyable. The differences between the two chassied cars was the original had the tyres outside the guards, while the later version with the full tube chrome moly chassis and struts etc sat lower (by about 6 inches) and had the wheels tucked under the guards.

The two chassis pictures in blue paint were when we were doing final testing at Castlereagh and had the wheel standing issue resolved. You can see how small the car actually was under the body. It was super tight in the driver's area to where I had to buy special smaller shoes to better fit between the pedals. Lucky I was a tad thinner in those days.

The picture with the van and a Holden was on the front cover of Drag News back then, and featured the van and Fred Dudeks Holden which was also supported by Competition Warehouse, at a Street Machine Promo Day at McDonalds on Parramatta Road at Auburn.

We had several companies helping us back then, from Competition Warehouse (which was owned by Aunger in Adelaide), then Grand Performance at Granville which was owned by Colin Hulbert, Mullins Wheels, Racefab Racecars, Aunger themselves, Crane Cams and Enderle Fuel Injection. The main supporters though were Neil McDonald, Dave Stevens, Keith Bellinger and myself. We made it or made it happen.