Sydney Dragway, October 30-31st, 2010

On show

The A.N.F.A. had 3 cars on display at the Sydney Dragway Top Fuel/Top Alcohol meeting this past weekend to help promote the upcoming Nostalgia Event on November 21st.

There was the Black Widow, Norm Longfield's F.E.D. and Graeme Cowin's '57 Chev Funny Car.

All the cars were in a static display in the large white building from the opening of the event on Saturday morning till the final pass on Sunday evening.

Mid morning Saturday, we moved the cars around a bit more for a better viewing angle for the public and because the cars are a little longer than most, this made for much better photo opportunities.

During the busy crowd times on the Saturday, Wendy and I put just on 25 kids and 12 adults in the car for photo opportunities. To say that every child was just awe struck would be an understatement. Plenty and plenty of photos were taken of the 'Widow, then when they had finished with their 'Thanks very very much kudos', they turned around and Wendy slapped a brochure on the upcoming November event into there still sweaty palms. Wendy and I both like doing these kinds of promo's as every child and every parent is super grateful as chances are, they have NEVER been up close and personal with a race car of any description. We get just as big a kick out of this as they do. Even the 'silly questions' are not taken as silly, as they really do not understand some of the intricate aspects of our car and sport, but after we explain the 'question' back to them, they nod with a better understanding of how the whole system works.

I think with all of the P.R. that we did on Saturday and Sunday, I that we have definitely had an effect on some people that hopefully will return to watch the REAL Kings of the Sport strut their stuff on Sunday 21st November.

If you hadn't been aware, this will be the first time outside of the U.S.A. (the birthplace of drag racing) that 4 cars on Nitromethane will go at it over 3 rounds of racing. Not for the faint-hearted.

Come along on Sunday 21st November and let your senses be assaulted! (Sort of like a radio commercial isn't it...).

Thanks to all of the people that we have hopefully converted into Nostalgia fans,

Sincerely, Steve and Wendy Turner....

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